First, remember, I'm an artist...who uses a camera and Photoshop to create my art.  You'll notice right off that I don't have any wedding, family, dog, cat, landscape, engagement, or senior pictures in my portfolio.  That's because that's not art.

There are times I feel a bit like the Soup Nazi from Seinfeld because I have some fairly specific rules and requirements when I shoot with someone.  I don't break my own rules because I have in the past and each and every time I rediscover just why I made the rule.  I'm just not into poking myself in the eye with a stick more than once.

Comfort levels

I should explain my definition of nude verses implied.  To me, you can be totally without clothes, shot from the side, with your arm or hands covering your nipples and I consider that implied.  The nipples are the defining item.  To me, the lack of two tiny strings that would indicate you were wearing a bikini we can't see is simply a break in the artistic lines your body draws.  To me, that's not nude, that's implied.  If you do full nude it will probably include nipples.  About 5% of my work involves that level of nudity.  Less than 1% might have a very tasteful bit of the lower area.  Generally very shadowed.  Again, not wanting to break the lines for that sake of modesty.

When I shoot I get in a zone.  A bit of a creatively induced 'high' I suppose.  I'm busy looking at light, arranging the lights, considering angles, and what the end result would be.  When I get on a roll I don't like to stop until I'm out of steam.  Being an old guy, that doesn't take to long.  BUT, the one 'buzz kill' is when I pass an idea by a model and get a 'no, I'm not comfortable with that'.  Screech, halt.  From that point on I'm not nearly as creative.  I've been given limits.  It's not my choice, it's how it is for me.  So, I only work with models who are ready to trust me that art, classy art, will result from a shoot.  And if that requires implied nude then they need to be comfortable with that going in.  It's your choice going into a shoot, not during a shoot.  If you don't understand and I get a 'no' from you in the middle of a shoot you can expect the shoot to be over soon.  I never ask a second time.  I will even take a hesitation as a sign of mis-trust or uncomfortable situation and again, the shoot will end soon.  I need that trust.  I need that freedom to create.  Make sure you are ready to do what it takes.

I don't expect, or WANT, you to compromise your comfort level...ever.  If it means we don't work together, then that's how it needs to be.

By the way, as with any shoot with a new photographer, you should contact a few of the models he or she has worked with and get a character reference.  Period!  Make it a rule!  Your safety is at stake.

With all of that said, here is a list of things to consider before contacting me to shoot:

  • I don't require nudity from a model, but a comfort level with their own body and a willingness to do at least implied is a must. 
  • Unless you are WAY above average at doing your own makeup and hair, you'll need to schedule a makeup and hair stylist for the shoot.  It's preferable to have them at the studio so they can monitor your look and possibly change your look at least once in the middle of the shoot.  Here is a list of Makeup and Hair talent.
  • Bring some wardrobe, and for the ladies, heels.  Lingerie is always a good option.  When we are cranking along creating different looks it's good to have options.  If you aren't shooting full nudes, bring some clothes.  Kinda' makes sense, huh?
  • Escorts are welcome as long as they don't inhibit your work as a model in ANY way.  Of course, no smoking or drinking.  That includes those vapor things...sorry, no.  And I hate to have to say this, but the escorts need to have showered recently.  Yeah, really?
  • Shoots last two to four hours generally.  Schedule a day and time when you'll have the energy needed.
  • I do only one shoot a day.  It zaps me of creative juices.  I insist that models do the same on the day we shoot.  I don't want a tired and hungry model showing up from another shoot.  I need the creative juices of everyone involved in a shoot to be at 100% from the first minute.
  • I only shoot couples if, indeed, they are a couple.  Trust me, unless the two are amazing actors, the chemistry doesn't show up in the shots unless it's real.  I have a few exceptions with some actors I work with.

When the shoot is finished, You get to sit down and look at all the shots and pick out all of the ones you like.  These are not what you get.  It tells me what you like, that's about it.  I pick the ones that are the best for the art I create.  If I have to choose between two and one has been marked as a favorite by you I'll use that one.  Probably.

Within a day or two at least a couple shots will appear on Facebook or 500px.  Then over the next month or two additional shots from the various sets will appear and you will be tagged.  When the shoot is finished, or if you see one you want to print earlier, I will provide full resolution printable digital files.

Understand we might end up with only 2 or 3 wonderful images.  Remember, it's for the art.

So there you have it.  If you are ready to make some art, talk to me.