NOTE: If you are looking for the Chandler Studio workshops or 1on1 sessions, check here! This page is for online training sessions.

A majority of the ‘sessions’ will be short but complete. I want to teach you in smaller segments so you can go practice and have the session to refer back to as you progress.

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Here is a set of actions used for many of the sessions. Load them into your Photoshoot actions and you should be set.

They include Dodge and Burn, Frequency Separation for 8bit and 16bit, Sun Rays and Straight Rays for special effects.

Dave Kelley Artistic Actions - version 3 (10/2019)

Individual actions…
I often use an action for doing Dodge and Burn in the sessions. Here is the action. I’d suggest loading it into your Photoshop so you’ll be ready with it.

Dodge and burn

And here is a collection of smoke and lighting and some other brushes you are welcome to add.

Smoke and lighting, etc.

ElleyR0619studio - DKAL3183-Edit-2.jpg
ElleyR0619studio - DKAL2881-Edit.jpg

Recent additions!!

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