I do most of my work as an artist and with models.  If you have seen my art on social media that's just me pleasing my own soul.  If you would like to commission me to create something for you, let me know what you'd like.

I will be honest with you...always.  If I don't think I'm up to a try of shoot you want, or I know someone who is better at it, I will make sure you get their name.  I'm like the Santa at Macy's that way.

Contact me with details about what you'd like to shoot with me and we'll talk about any rate that may be involved.  My basic rate is $600 for a half day in studio.  An additional $200 if you need me to work on a location.


Note: If you are shooting with ME there is no extra charge for the studio time.  It is mine after all.

$100 for two hours

$175 for four hours

A fully loaded 23' x 14' studio with a 12' ceiling and plenty of lighting, props, white seamless backdrop, natural light options, music, changing room, wardrobe, and a large makeup and hair area.  And it comes with an assistant (that would be me) to help you get the lighting set up the way you want it for each set.

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$295 for 5 hours of training one-on-one.  You get to learn whatever you'd like and ask questions as we go.  Topics like:

  • Basic camera functions and how to use them in the real world
  • Studio lighting
  • Location lighting with a single Speedlite
  • Workflow using Lightroom
  • Editing with Lightroom and/or Photoshop

$395 for a 7 hour day including a 2 hour photoshoot with a professional model (fashion or artistic nude).  Then I show you how to do some editing on your shots and you end up with some great additions to your portfolio!!  The model is included in the price.

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I accept Paypal, all major credit and debit cards, and even cash...