My workshops aren't what I would call traditional.  I don't spend a lot of time on technical details of how your camera and lights work.  I'm assuming some knowledge of your camera is already in your kit bag.  

Lighting: I concentrate on how to visualize your images and setting your lights accordingly.  Instead of just telling you where to put your lights to get a certain look, I show you how to think through what you want and then where to put your lights.  You won't walk away with a hand full of lighting schemes.  Instead, you'll know how to envision the finished shot and know how to position the lighting you'll need to get it.

Post production: I'll show you the proven way I maintain workflow for each shoot and how to keep it together using Lightroom.  Then a good tour of Photoshop CC and as many of the tips and tricks I can squeeze into two hours.  I hold nothing secrets because I know you will naturally use the things I teach the way you are comfortable.  So, doing exactly the same shot, using exactly the same tools, your mind's eye will lead you to a completely different look.  Hence, no secrets.  I explain the importance of creating your own style.  This is the key to attracting better models for shoots, and better paying clients if you are doing business as a photographer.  I cover beautification techniques, compositing, quick ways to clean up a shot, and plenty more.  We cover a LOT in 2 hours.


Shooting: Of course I have the best models I can for the 3 hours of shooting.  As many as 3 people can shoot at one time but there is plenty of time for each student to do their own directing and lighting.  The shooting isn't just for your portfolio however.  I change out the lighting 6-8 times during the shooting so you get a good feel for the lighting techniques taught in the first hour.  And, of course, the images you get are all very different.  We do most work in the studio, but at least one set is done outside.

After the class: Once you attend one of my workshops you are invited into a closed group on Facebook where past attendees can talk about new things they have learned, problems they run into, and anything else.  I'm there to answer questions so you can ask your own, or often learn from someone else's question.  The bottom line is, when you are finished with one of my workshops you are not left to figure it all out on your own.  

Special website: Also for attendees, I have set up a website with all of the reference material for the class as well as links to many free brushes, backgrounds, and fonts.  This site will grow over time as I find new and interesting things to share.  But, it'll be a forever resource for you and great place to reference what you learned about in the workshop.

To help with that I have created three classes that cover everything I think you might need.  All hands on so charge your batteries and bring your camera bag!!!  Reserve your seat NOW - PURCHASE YOUR CLASS HERE

1on1 Private Session

(5 hours in studio - model optional for 2 hours)

Lighting rules!
Lighting rules!

Art, since the beginning of time, has been practiced on the human body.  The curves and shapes are THE challenge when it comes to lighting to get what you want.  This is the most intense lighting workshop I offer.  We shoot with a model for 3 hours and then go to post processing and see what options we have in Lightroom 5 and Photoshop CC to turn our shots into works of art...assuming they aren't already!

Class outlines


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