Marcella0119Dania-studio-park - IMGL4687-Edit-Edit.jpg

Three composites in one

In this session we will edit Marcela a bit, adjusting her skin using just the Mixer brush and not Portraiture. You don’t always need that filter.

We will then add three different backgrounds one at a time to make the look we want. One of the very hardest things to do to in compositing is getting the subject to look like they are actually standing on something you’ve added under them. And have the right shadow, etc. We do that here…and change the floor to be the right angle.

And, of course, the standard cool stuff, like smoking gun and poofy hair.


And remember, the image is not for distribution. Just for your practice.

Marcela tiff

Background clouds

Background city

Background floor

Dodge and Burn action

Smoke and Lightning brushes

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