My Rates!

(yes, I can be bought - sigh)


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Remember I'm an artist.  When we shoot, your images will be in my style.  I assume you'll want the edgy artistic look. 

If we've never worked together before, we would need to meet and talk about what you would like from the shoot.  Either in the studio or a coffee shop.  And if we have worked together before, and you still want to meet, you can buy me breakfast.

If you want nude or implied nude, you'll have a choice of total personal use, or having what we create displayed in my gallery.  I've done singles and couples and created some very romantic (and hot) images just for them.

With all images, you'll have the commercial licensing privileges to publish, print, sell them, share them on social media, or anything that you like.  I'll provide them in full-size printable digital versions as well as smaller digital versions for social media or your phone.  For an additional fee of $50 I will provide ALL of the non-edited images from the shoot in small, non-printable digital form.

There are three plans, pick one to fit your desires.  Find a day in the calendar that works for both of us, and message me to arrange a meeting.  And if you want us to lock in the date you can submit 50% of the plan you like with the button below.







One Creative Day

Pulling out all the stops!  Full day of creativity...up to 8 hours!  I provide makeup and hair for several looks, lunch, the studio, music...just fun to exhaustion!  You'll get at least 12 edited images and a day to remember.  I will direct you and we'll be looking at the images as we go so you can see our progress.  


Half Day Blast (the Goldilocks)

Five hours of whatever you'd like!  I can come up with some ideas if we need more.  Makeup and hair styling provided for two looks.  You'll get 9 edited images at least, usually more.  This is the most popular shoot plan.  



Three hours of total creativity!  You'll be amazed how much fun this whirlwind shoot will be.  It's quick, creative, and you'll get at least 5 beautiful edits out of it.  



If you desire actual prints I have a website set up and can place the edited images from our shoot in a passworded secure location where you can pick and choose what you want printed, and on paper, a wrap, or a dozen other options.  Check out the public version of the site here.


Note: If you are shooting with ME there is no extra charge for the studio time.  It is mine after all.

$100 for two hours (minimum)

$175 for four hours

A fully loaded 23' x 14' studio with a 12' ceiling and plenty of lighting, props, white seamless backdrop, natural light options, music, changing room, wardrobe, and a large makeup and hair area.  And it comes with an assistant (that would be me) to help you get the lighting set up the way you want it for each set.

More information here


The following options are 1-0n-1 session where it's just you and me.  If you are interested in what group sessions are aplnned, such as general photography or fine art nude group sessions please check this page.  These classes/session are bought based on their availability and not via the 'book and appointment' buttons.

$295 for 5 hours of training one-on-one.  You get to learn whatever you'd like and ask questions as we go.  Topics like:

  • Basic camera functions and how to use them in the real world

  • Studio lighting

  • Location lighting with a single Speedlite

  • Workflow using Lightroom

  • Editing with Lightroom and/or Photoshop

$395 for the same 5 hour day but including a 2 hour photoshoot with a professional model (fashion or artistic nude).  During the shoot you will learn about lighting and leave with some great work for your portfolio and something new to practive your new editing skills on.  The model is included in the price.

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