Lighting sessions…

  • Lighting session with grids - here’s a shoot with Ziva where I explain the lights and then show you the results (04-24-19)

  • Portable Lights - nothing beats working with the natural light or dark to get some great images. (12-12-18)

  • General intro to lights and modifiers - strip boxes, umbrellas, ring lights and snoots. Why grids? (10-14-18)

  • The Pixie shoot using different lights - this time we show the lights in action. We cover strip boxes, umbrellas, beauty dishes, snoots, and talk about flags. Also covers details about shooting body scapes. (WARNING - NSFW - in case you choose to be offended by nudity) (10-16-18)

  • General lighting - a quick video of the lighting I use in the mountains studio. Very brief overview. (9-29-18)

  • Light. Naturally - natural light is amazing and magical

  • Imagine the light - see the light as a magical thing you control

  • Ring Light Project - this is awesome but make yours more electrically safe. (grin)

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