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Portable Lighting options

When I started 8 years ago I was deathly afraid of shooting outside. Bright sun, or clouds, or just dark. And I didn’t control any of that other than the time of day. So I took it on as a challenge and took a light out and got things to work just fine for me. Some have the same problem coming into the studio. Make sure you tackle both as they are not hard and what you learn in one just makes you stronger in the other.

Actually, the banner and window image on the left were both done with natural light. Overcast and shade are your friends. What can I say…that’s the perfect light.

This video covers some Paul Buff lights and some Flash Point lights. I used the Buff lights for most of the time I shot outside, about 6 years, and they did well. I recently changed to use the Flash Point, or Godox as they are also known by, and I haven’t used them for many shoots yet. But they are pretty awesome for control and battery life. I think I’ll have more fun with the little 200s actually. More versatile than speed lights with plenty of options for modifiers.

Just a warning as you venture out. At least here in the West US, if wherever you go, if it has the word ‘State’ in it (state park, state beach) they get all upset if you don’t have a permit.

Enjoy the video and good luck in the wild!!

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