The gallery will show some book cover images available for purchase.  But, anything you see on my site, on 500px, or posted on my Facebook, is available.  The pricing is reasonable and cover all costs, including the photographer and models involved and provides you with exclusive rights to use for your new novel.  I'll include one additional image that is from the same shoot for promotional material and/or back cover on request.

So, check out the growing Gallery and if you see something you just can't wait to put on your book cover we'll have to just make that happen for you!

The price for an image will vary depending on the content.  Of course, if you want more than one, say, for a series of novels, we can come up with a discount for a group.  

Custom shoots are available so we can have an image fit your story line. Those are a bit more, but come with more marketing materials as well as the option to look over proofs and pick the ones you'd like.  I'm shooting often so we might be able to cover a special look in a regular shoot with enough lead time.

Check out the gallery!!

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