Technically speaking…

Here we’ll cover the nuts and bolts of the equipment. Sometimes it can be daunting to figure out a camera or light. But we have to do it. But we don’t have to make it a long term focus. When you can grab up your camera and instinctively set it for the best exposure without really thinking about it technically, you will be where you need to be.

  • Studio ideas and tour - A tour of my studio in Arizona just to help give ideas for those building their own. (5-4-19)

  • Shooting in B&W? - Yep, there is a trick to get the exposure to show up better(01.28.19)

  • Cameras and Lenses 101 - THE place to get a massive amount of explanation about camera body types, lenses, and how you work with ISO, Shutter Speed, and aperture.

  • Managing your workflow - using Lightroom and catalogs you’ll easily find any past shoot and never have an image show up missing (9-29-18)

  • General intro to lights and modifiers - strip boxes, umbrellas, ring lights and snoots. Why grids? (10-14-18)

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