Tablet options

In this session we look at tablet options. If you are enjoying and learning from my sessions, you are not a point and shoot, or just get it right in the camera kinda’ photographer. You enhance and make better what you have captured.

To do that you edit. Some edit a lot, some just a little, and of course, some images just happen to be perfect without anything done to them. Those nice happy accident days. If you do dodge and burn, you kinda’ have to have a presure sensitive brush. And drawing with a mouse is just not the same as drawing with a pencil.

For years the gold standard for professional tablets has been the Wacom. They are well built and do the job well. But once in a while I like to look to see what alternatives that have been developed to comete with just about everything. In this case I found the XP-PEN product. They have a number of interesting projects like the one in the video, but I’m partial to the wheel. I use that wheel to a point of being lost without it.

Now, these are but two of the dozens and dozens of options out there. Feel free to compare and shop around. Especially if you are watching this in 2020 or beyond, because thing change and improve.

So, here is a video showing the two in a very layed back comparison. The video was shot in my work area and I tend to keep it dark so the video is a little grainy, and the audio is my first try at using a wireless mic. So a lot of first here to refine, but it does the job.


XP-PEN on Amazon

Wacom on Amazon

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