I am an artist.
My camera, my paint brush.
Creating breath taking art, the plan.
My heart, the planner.


In the fall of my life, I have discovered the most amazing world of fine art.  Because I have THE very most trusting and understanding wife, I am free to pursue the world of fine art with no restraints (other than common decency and respect).  I always keep it classy and thought provoking, or at least that's the goal.  I now have two studios plus mother nature to work in.  Besides creating, I love to teach, and help others on their quest for whatever photographic ventures their heart is leading them.  I also have my work for sale.  Please feel free to check the menu options, read some blogs, and leave some feedback on the Contact page..


One of my other passions is teaching. Mixing my passion of photography and teaching has culminated in both personal one on one sessions with people from all over the continent as well as seminars, and now an online training option to allow for even more to learn what I’ve learned.


As I close in on my first decade of creating my art I have decided it’s time to make my art available easily and affordably. Visit my Art Store and browse through my latest creations and pick out that one that will inspire you every day. If you’ve seen something I’ve done that isn’t in the store just send me a screen shot and I’ll add it for you. These are all printed here in my studio and carefully packaged and shipped right from here. From exposure to your hands, all by the artist.

Screenshot 2019-04-03 15.44.59.png

And some you can hold

There is also a book available with 78 of my best, beautifully captured in a hard cover 50 page book. Great for that coffee table. It’s now also available as a beautiful PDF. Not the same as having it in your hands though.

Ariana0119studio - IMGL5350-Edit-Edit-Edit.jpg

Leave me a message with any questions or comments you have for me.  Thanks for visiting and come again.  I'm always adding pictures and blogs.

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