Camera and Lenses 101

If you are a newbie to photography this is a wonderful fast paced video showing just what you need to know. If you are an old timer then you probably know all this. Pass it on to those who need it please.

The video will cover…

  • Full frame vs. Crop sensor

  • ISO, Shutter Speed, Aperture, and how you get them to work together

  • Lenses. Kit vs. Pro

  • Prime lenses and zoom lenses

All of that in 30 minutes. I cover a lot of interactive things between all of those, like how the lenses work differently between crop and full frame, and how speed and apeture interact and how you can create different looking images doing that.

Unlike most videos on this site it is shareable with your friends. It’s pretty basic but complete, but it was made for this site and the subscribers. There just isn’t anything other than the basics so why not let everyone learn a little? And it’s on Youtube a million times by others. Just another way to explain the topic.

Oh, and here is a nice little chart that might help you understand the camera settings I talk about. Download here

Enjoy! Feedback welcome!

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