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Shoot with various lights

Before I get started I need to give a little warning - NSFW or children under 18. There is an explanation of body scape at the end of this video and it’s hard to do that without…well, a body.

There is nudity in the video!!

Violet was kind enough to be a model for a video specifically made to demonstrate various lighting possibilities. And my lovely wife Linda for operating the camera.

Here we actually put the long strip boxes, umbrellas, beauty dish, and snoot to work with examples of the results. I also show an example of using flags. The flags were added not only to show you how they worked, but to give a perfect example of experimenting and playing and how it adds to the creative process.

You’ll get to see how in love I am with the gridded strip boxes and see how they are moved around to get the looks I achieve. Again, you should learn to use them for your own looks for your own style development.

At the end of the video we delve into some body scape. I expect I was 10 or so when I saw my first body scape. And I remember seeing art for the first time. I saw the beauty of the lines of light. I never saw it as a naked woman, just the beauty her shape created.

As the warning above says, there is nudity in this segment. Yes, body scapes could be done with lingerie but I don’t like the cutting up of the continuous lines. As you’ll see in the unretouched images (except the Christmas story one) the lines and beauty of those curves are far from being obscene in the least.

Enjoy and give me some feedback. This is the second video that comes close to 30 minutes long. Most will be closer to 10-15 minutes and more focused on a particular topic, tool, or light.

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