This week in the life…

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Happy Wednesday!!

Greetings from Rainier, Oregon! We spent the past 5 days on the road slowing putting 1,500+ miles behind us to make it to the cool coastal area of Oregon. Sleeping last night with the windows open was very nice indeed. And on our hike today I wore a light jacket most of the way.

So, after preparing for 3 days to make sure the trip went 100% smoothly, we stopped at the first camp on the first afternoon and it dawned on me that I had left my entire set of shoots I was going to edit on the road sitting on my desk. In my defense if was behind the monitor, but really!!!???!!! So I asked my son to run up to Bonita, grab the drive, and then ship it to me in Oregon. It was here waiting for me. Whew!! BUT, I’ve only had it for one day so very little has been edited this week because it it.

We did stop in Salt Lake City like we did last year. And like last year, I got the awesome opportunity to shoot with Joy Mona again. She took me to an amazing park on the top of a very tall hill. THESE pictures I got to edit so I have something at least. And they turned out pretty awesome. I love location with a wonderful model. I included a behind the scenes here of how the lighting was done. Unfortunately there aren’t dozens of images…sorry about that.

Anyhow, until maybe next week. Remember, I can only publish if I can find a decent internet connection.


New images…

The work created this week. As always, I thank the beautiful ladies and gents who trust me to create some good images of them.

Until next week….

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