Step by step editing walkthrough (in writing)

KiarraBarns1018studio - IMGL0421.jpg
KiarraBarns1018studio - IMGL0421-Edit.jpg

Instead of doing a video on how this edit was done, I will provide a PDF with a detailed step by step on what editing I do to images to make them my style. You’ll find the link below.

What isn’t covered is the lighting so I’ll talk about this specific image and the lighting. Every image is unique in the lighting, at least for me. I’m a firm believer that lighting is the first half of a style so it’s very important. BUT, there isn’t a step by step that will give you lighting every time. That’s a thought process and I’ll cover in a later session.

The lights are two 1’x,4’ gridded strip boxes. One near her feet and one near her head. You can see one in the before image. Both set at about half power.

It was tricky and not normal to place a redhead on a red silk sheet. In the finished one I think the hair looks fine and the sheet just extends the vibrant color.

Here is a link to each thing I did to this, and most images I work with. I’m not saying you should follow these steps exactly, but it’s a good starting off place to develop your own process. Even for me it’s a process that might change a bit depending on the image I’m working with. I’d say 90% of the time I follow it pretty much as it’s listed. Sometimes not in the same order, and sometimes I might dodge and burn more than once as the look develops for me into something I love.

PDF Walkthrough of a typical edit

Dodge and Burn Action