ChelseaMarlex1118studio - IMGL8681-Edit.jpg
ChelseaMarlex1118studio - IMGL8681.jpg

Compositing Chelsea

This is the third and certainly not the last compositing demonstration session we’ll have here. Every picture is editing differently based on what we are after for finished art. And since practicing is what we really need, it’s never a bad idea to have some new material and a video that may mention something you missed (or I missed) in the other videos.

This is Chelsea. Instagram: Chelsea_mariex3 in case you feel like hiring her someday. She’s a traveling model. I work with a lot of these gals who do this for a living. Some are better than others as far as knowing the poses and light and giving you the best angles. She was a dream to work with.

So, in this video I go from total out of camera scratch and not only edit her from top to bottom, but add the background. It will give you a real feel for being an artist because it’s all done with brushes pretty much. At the end I give a little bonus demo of some different brushes and I show you how to add lighting to the background or steam from a coffee cup.

Below are the practice files to have handy when watching the video. With all of the videos I would suggest watching it once without trying to edit while it’s going. Then get the files downloaded and into your Photoshop and watch it again. This time you can listen to a part, pause it, and try what it explained.

Enjoy! Practice. Practice. Practice!


Red Background

Brushes (from 3rd party) Click on ‘Resources and then Brushes’

And…if your mixer brush is missing here is how to get it back into your tools.

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