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I don’t typically use the cut and paste way to place a person into a background. Other wrong with that way of doing it but I have found it easier AND more inclusive to simply paint the background in around the person.

The important lesson in this composite session is making sharp contrasting items, like the blinds in the example, no show up on the skin, yet have the light from the window show up as it should. It’s a cool technique and I’ve never seen it used anywhere else.

In this session I’ll give you the image of Violet and two backgrounds so you can try everything in the video on exactly the same image. I did pull a fast one though. The red background I used is actually yellow in the download. I want you to learn, using the Adjustment Layer for Hue/Saturation and change the color of the background to the pink/red yourself. I have those adjustments in my tool bar on the right when I’m editing. I’ve included a screen shot of where to find it in the menu.

Practice and have fun. It’s a skill…it’ll take some time but worth the time spent.

Violet download

Bedroom background

Soft color background

Screenshot 2018-11-21 11.40.42.png