Newsletter #4! Please feel free to give me some feedback on how much you enjoyed it (or not) and what you’d like to see, or see more of. Here’s a link for feedback.

Strangely enough I actually only had one shoot in the last couple weeks. That is about to change as next week starts a series of 1on1 classes, both 2 day and one day classes. And, a sold out Fine Art Nudes class coming up on the 23rd with the amazing Kileen from New Mexico. So, my camera will have some action again here soon.

Linda and I have spent some time at the home in the forest this week. I’m typing that from the quiet up here. And I have to confess I’ve been spending a lot of time on things not photography. Gasp! It can happen. Like getting a second 3D printer online to build some props.

And today marks the 1 year anniversary of me falling down and breaking my wrist in two places. That took 12 weeks to heal enough to start therapy on it. Still not full movement, but close. I had mixed feelings about breaking my first bone at 65 years old. I was sad that I broke it and had to cancel 14 shoots over 2 months. But happy it was my left hand (I’m right handed) so I could still edit some. And, of course, showering with Linda so she could help me with washing around the cast wasn’t a bad twist either. ;)

Until next Wednesday…

Enjoy and have an amazing week!!

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Remember, if you see some art you would like on your wall, or just on your phone in high res, let me know. I do sell both prints (up to 17”x22”) and digital copies for your pads and phones. Check it out!

And I provide 1on1 photography training as well as online training. And group sessions.


I had a chance to shoot with Brittney Price last week. I really get a kick out of making stuff up on the fly. We had some inspiration images to look at…but as usual, nothing looked like the inspiration at all. Thank you Brittney for being up for anything we dreamt up.

Ariana - always more

Just a few more from Ariana. I can always fine more of that face from our past shoots. It was a thrill to shoot her twice in the last month, and once on the beach. These are as shot and inspired by Monroe.

Randomness Abounds

A few more random edits I did last week. Enjoy these fine ladies.


We call this little one our non-deductible daughter. Of course, that was before daughters became non-deductible anyhow. She’s been a part of our lives off and on for almost 5 years. And I’m featuring just a tiny handful of our work as an appetizer. Because, next week I’ll be shooting with her not just once, but twice. Going to catch up on her time off from modeling to be a new mommy. So Linda will have a baby to play with while we shoot I’m sure.