Newsletter #3! Please feel free to give me some feedback on how much you enjoyed it (or not) and what you’d like to see, or see more of. Here’s a link for feedback.

The last week was full of family obligations. And a freak’n head cold that had my eyes glued shut half the time. Can you imagine how hard editing is when you are blind? BUT, both are taken care of, so here it is, Wednesday again, and time to share some of my posted work in better detail, and even better, my uncensored art. And as will be the norm, I will have a section for some past work from a selected model.

Another development is that I’m planning a trip to Europe around May. And, assuming their parents are okay with it, my grandson Gavin (17) will be going along. Extraordinary bonding time as well as a partner to wander parts of Europe with. Right now it’s Berlin and England and Ireland pretty much and for about a month. Gavin is taking photography in High School so we’ll both be doing some fun street shooting. And there is a photographer and model I will be meeting over there for some planned new art. Very developing adventure…updates to follow.

Enjoy and have an amazing week!!

Shameless ad

Remember, if you see some art you would like on your wall, or just on your phone in high res, let me know. I do sell both prints (up to 17”x22”) and digital copies for your pads and phones. Check it out!

And I provide 1on1 photography training as well as online training. And group sessions.


A few more from some time Ariana and I spent some time in the studio recently. She’s such a sweetie and has such an amazing face. Such glam!

The famous junkyard shoot

As always, I spread out my time over several shoots and rotate them around, typically editing one or two images and then moving around to the next. So, I have a few more from the Junk Yard shoot to share with you.

Randomness Abounds

More aimless wandering through my past shoots and finding new ones to edit. Actually, I haven’t had a shoot for over a week and won’t have one for another week except for tomorrow. Tomorrow I have a very lovely young lady coming to create some artistic nudes with me in the morning. Those, of course, will be in next week’s newsletter. Meanwhile, enjoy!!


This young lady is special to me and Linda. She and her husband are as much family friends with us as anyone. Tomorrow evening we are even going out to share a meal. And to my extreme joy, she’s considering stepping in front of my camera once again. It’s been over a year and I miss her serious beauty. Meanwhile, here are a few of my favorites from shoots past.