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New technique!

In this session we try something new. And I think it’s unique because I’ve never seen anyone else teach this variation of blending a background into a picture. Actually, I don’t see many who don’t cut out images and paste them into a background and then try to get them to match and look right. It’s a skill and some do exceedingly well at it.

I still think the backgrounds fit behind the subject better when they are painted in. The problem came when the backgrounds had lines or detail that would bleed onto the subject. I love the softer ‘cloud like’ backgrounds because they would bleed onto the skin and LOOK like the light from the colors were actually showing up on the skin and that looked awesome. But with detail, not so much.

So, we will use the Mixer Brush to modify the background to blend the average colors of the background in and eliminate the detail that bleeds on the arm. This will keep with the technique we use, but expand the range of backgrounds we can use to unlimited.


Image of Low

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