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This week Linda and I have been sick. Like dutiful partners we took turns. First I was sick for almost a week and now she has it, despite our efforts to not share. So, my turn to try to wait on her.

I did get a lot of good editing done from the week before. That week I had almost a shoot a day with Denis visiting and that doesn’t happen much anymore. I have found, with great joy, that I can dig through my past shoots and bring new art to life from just about every one of them. The image of Molly on the bar for example (above) was taken a couple years ago. I scanned over the whole shoot for the fun of it and that one called out to me. And it is one of my favorites of the shoot….edited 2 years later. Might be a tad more skills making the mining operations work. Maybe.

I grabbed a few from a past shoot with Tayler at Bonita, some with a new shoot with Beth, tomorrow I shoot with Drea again so I edited a new one of hers to get warmed up. And I had the pleasure to work with Lyssa again, always a joy.

Saturday I have a Fine Art Nudes Lighting Class with Elley Cat and it filled up over a month ago. One more coming up in a month and a beautiful young lady is coming from Atlanta for that one to model. I met her in Utah last summer at a shoot on the salt flats. These are fun classes and the light get changed up every 15-20 minutes to try something new. So much to teach!!

On to some art!!

And some art never before seem since I don’t post the ‘tawdry’ work on social media anymore.

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Always fun and creative with Elley Cat

She’s coming on Saturday to be the model for another Fine Art Nude Lighting Workshop. So I expect even more next Wednesday. Meanwhile, meet the fallen angel.

A few from Drea

Every year or so Drea pops her head up and says “It’s time” and we shoot. Tomorrow is the day and I’m looking forward to it. Meanwhile, here is a new one and some from our last shoot.

And Beth. Such a sweetie.

Here are a couple new ones, and one edited from a past shoot. I added a before and after in here because I find them fun to see when others share them. And the one where she’s all jeweled up nice and bright? Some guy from Lucas Arts felt he needed to dress me down and tell me everything that was wrong with it. Made me love it even more…just like it is.

Lyssa as only she can.

I love working with her. Such an amazing artistic body. And she’s a feisty one on social media…love her posts. She helped me with a training session with Denis from Canada. And we filled the tub for the first time with water, but I didn’t take any of the bubble images. Someday though.

And some random ones with molly, tayler, kylie, and kiarra. I work with beautiful people don’t I?

All new edits from recent and years old shoots.