This week in the life…

Happy Wednesday!!


ElleyCat1119tempe - DKAL7711-Edit.jpg

It’s been a fun week. We are back to the gym just about every day. We had a new trainer who kicked our butts this morning. Those will be fun memories when we are in a rocking chair. The idea is to make that farther off by doing this though.

Elley Cat, Linda, and I spent some time in downtown Tempe, my old work stomping grounds, the other evening. Results on the right. That is really her reflection in the glass. Not photoshopped. (grin) I love playing with my camera in the evenings with all the lights in the background giving me plenty of colors and designs. It’s also a nice challenge. Location is a fun challenge as it is.

Classes are still going strong. Both online and in studio. Elley, Linda, and I are headed to Huntington Beach weekend after next for a sold out class. It’ll be my second one ourside of my studio. It’s kinda’ fun.

I just had an amazing shoot in a 10,000sqft store that was empty as well as a warehouse environment. The images are going to be awesome! But you’ll have to wait until next week…just loaded them and no time to edit.

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New images…

Until next week….

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