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Happy Wednesday!!


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Another week and, as always, it was a wonderful week. I had the chance to give a 1on1 class to a very nice lady and show her how to edit from a more artistic view point. She’s been a photographer for a very long time. She was a photojournalist a long time back, and has some stories.

I do love teaching. My next one is in Huntington Beach and it’s a Fine Art Nude Lighting class. Just like what I did a week ago in Havasu with Elley. That went swimmingly well (cover photo) so we are looking forward to our trip. I’m always open to 1on1 classes and can do those at the drop of a hat usually. I do plan to find a good teleconferencing system that allows for screen sharing and start giving live classes over the net. That would be totally fun AND it would put no green house gasses in the air as opposed to a round trip jet flight.

As I’ve mentioned before, there is now more skin texture in my work. This is partly because it was time for a change, and partly because I can’t teach artistic photography effectively without giving students a wider range of looks to choose from. I’m comfortable with it and getting better at it with each edit. I created a tool for my students that make it far simpler than the usual tools out there. I’m excited about that and they seem to like it.

I have a few shoots coming up in a week. I’m excited to do more shooting. Meanwhile, we are up at Bonita Creek so I have time to regroup and get some projects done.

So there you have it. Enjoy the rest of your week! As always, please feel free to use the form below to give me feedback on how you liked, or didn’t like, this week’s Museletter.

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New images…

This was an epic week for creating new art. And as you can see, I actually did a nice pinup of Marcela. I really love that image for some reason. And it was just sitting on the drive for the last two years. I need to go back and visit a lot of old shoots and see what’s there. I could probably do that for the next 2 years and still create two dozen bits of fine art each week. A few old ones mixed in just because I used them for something else this week and left them in the pile.

Until next week….

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