chrisM0617dania - IMGL6319-2-Edit.jpg

Quick full edit

Simple edit

prerequisite: Tablet - can’t really use a mouse

I did a quick edit on Chris here. Before starting the video I ran my one and only filter on her. Imaginomic’s Portraiture is a BIG time saver for me as it cleans up the skin well for me in seconds. Check it out.

I will do the following to her in this video.

  • Mixer brush to blend the skin - never required unless you like the smoother skin

  • Dodge and Burn - bring out the highlights in the hair and make the eye rounder

  • Liquify - to make the hair bigger. Big hair. Big hair. Yes.

What you don’t see is the last step I do and balance everything out in Lightroom to the way my soul likes the final image. Sometimes it’s very different from how I save it from PS, and sometimes it’s a small tweak. But here you go, the final settings.