This week in the life…

Happy Wednesday!!


ElleyR1118studio-balloons - IMGL8093-Edit-Edit.jpg

Well, I’m certainly back in the groove. I think the count is like 30 images edited this week. I hope you enjoy them. Some actually shot this week, the studio has been busy for sure.

Today I shot with Helen of Troy, a traveling nude art model and we got a lot of wonderful looks. I included one edited and one zoomed back so you could see how the lights were on her. Actually, both lights were aimed at the back wall and turned up all the way. So that soft look on Helen comes from light bouncing off the wall.

The Fine Art Nude class with Alley Cat (right) has sold out….again. Not the least bit surprised. It’s going to be a blast because it’s in a nice big home with a pool. Eight photographers will leave with full memory cards and will have learned a LOT, or at least a few tips, about lighting and getting the most out of a location.

The number of people subscribed to the Museletter is growing all of the time now. We are approaching 400 members! Thank you all for telling your friends who might enjoy my art. And, of course, there are the three of you who just like to see boobs. You know who you are.

Enjoy the images and please, please tell your friends to subscribe.

And if you are not subscribed, here you go!!

New images…

The work edited this week. Most of these were actually taken this past week. Whew!! Love being actively shooting and editing again.

And here are a few from the past of the Barbara out of San Antonio, makeup and hair by Dania at Cosmiix. Such a beautiful woman and a long time model. (obviously!)

Until next week….

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