This week in the life…

Happy Wednesday!!


HB-test  HB 3models-0001 - IMG_1151-Edit-Edit.jpg

So, I almost missed Wednesday. Very busy day. If you don’t know what busy schedules are you clearly are not retired.

So, more images this week were edited using a technique that isn’t new, just new to me. I still put a little twist on it of my own, but you’ll see more skin texture in some images. Far more than I’ve had in the past. Still perfect skin, just not statue smooth. I hope you like the new look for my work. Send me an email and let me know what you think.

The picture you see on the right is the beautiful Alanna. That was back in 2015 when I spent almost 5 days with 3 models in California. So much fun. So much stress. ;) Yet so much beauty. This is a brand new edit from that shoot.

I swear, I could stop shooting and just edit from the images I have on the terabytes of storage and hundreds of shoots, and no one would notice for 5 years.

Well, enjoy the 31 new images from this week’s edits. And stay cool. I’ve ordered up some cooler weather for Arizona. Should be here in a couple months.

Enjoy the images and please, please tell your friends to subscribe.

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New images…

The work edited this week. The studio has seen some beautiful faces…and bottoms this last week. Some new, some regulars.

Until next week….

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