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What a busy week this has been. Last Saturday we had a 5 hour Fine Art Nude class with 6 students. Everyone had a blast and a lot of new lighting techniques were learned by everyone. Our model was Kileen Ivy from New Mexico and it was a real trip getting her here…literally. She had to drive south and come across to Tucson to get here around that big storm. But, she’s a trooper.

- IMGL0783-2-Edit.jpg

The neatest thing about these Fine Art Nude classes is that, for the last few years, they didn’t fill up until the last minute. This one was sold out 3 weeks before the class. And there is another one scheduled for March and it is sold out!! Wow!! I love the support these classes are getting. Another one for April is in the plans and this model is coming from Texas. Some of her images are here from when I had a chance to work with her on the salt flats.

The rest of the week was filled with a gentleman from the Frisco area who flew in for a 2 day class and some studio rental so it’s been busy. Lots of training coming up too…I think four 1on1 sessions over the next month and one return client from Canada. He’s become a friend so he’s going to spend a week learning and hanging out.

This coming Friday evening from 6pm to 10pm I’m going to have my first ever art showing. I’ll be at Parkwood studios as will Colby Files and Randy Smith. It should be a fun time showing off our work. Just having our work in prints is pretty awesome. Come by and visit and enjoy the art and entertainment. It’s always a lot of fun. Stop, put it in your calendar NOW!

And Linda and I are headed for buff city!! We joined a very nice gym and even have a trainer and we’ve gone just about every day for the last week. Our goal is to stay as healthy as we can, for as long as we can, so we can be around to pester people longer. And less weight on these old bones won’t hurt either.

Enough of my blabbering. On to some art!!

And some art never before seem since I don’t post the ‘tawdry’ work on social media anymore.

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Some Composites

We have Kileen in the crown who came over for the Fine Art Nude class. We spent some time playing before she went back. Then Elley and Violet came for some playing around. Violet had an amazing corset we just had to capture.

Ms. Kim who will be the model for the April FAN class

Although I only had about a half hour to work with her, she’s a sweetie and has an amazing look and shape for fine art. Here are some we captured.

Randomness Abounds

A few more random edits I did last week. Enjoy these fine ladies.


This tall one on the wall will be a forever favorite.

More fun with Violet

And, Violet is a perfect example why I work with a lot of the models often. We get in a groove and capture some wonderful art every freak’n time pretty much guarantied.

See you Friday evening!!