This week in the life…

Happy Wednesday!!

Greetings!! Still in Northern California and the cool breezes. I’m actually wearing a jacket right now and editing in the shade of a tree overlooking the ocean. The jacket just tells the locals that I’m not from around here. They claim they are having a heat wave. It’s really, really bright so I hope some of the edits worked while editing from picnic tables and such.

One more week on the road. After tomorrow in Half Moon Bay we head south to visit some good friends and family near Santa Barbara for 4 or 5 days. Then we drive the 7+ hours to Bonita Creek to rest up for a couple days and then head to Chandler and back to shoots and plenty of edits. And for those of you who subscribe to my artistic photography site, I’ll be adding sessions there like a mad man to make up for the time I’ve been gone. I really, really miss teaching.

We have been blessed this trip with wonderful wifi access just about everywhere. Of course, having ‘unlimited LTE’ on Verizon has taken the stress off AND we have been staying at places that actually have good LTE signals. Whew! Being disconnected when you are out trying to connect with nature is so right yet so wrong. ;) I’m not one to sit on a log on the beach and check my phone though. Y’all only exist in a distant memory when I hear the roar of the surf.

Next week I hope I’ll have more edits to share…especially since i can sit inside at a real table to edit. After that I’ll get back to having a second gallery to view with some archived edits.

Here’s a couple images from our walk this morning and along the drive yesterday.

New images…

The work created this week. As always, I thank the beautiful ladies and gents who trust me to create some good images of them.

Until next week….

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