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Creativity and Inspiration #1

The very hardest thing to learn is how to be creative and how to find our inspiration. It’s not like there is a 5 step process that gives you everything you need to come up with a jaw dropping idea.

So, in this video I talk about where I find my inspiration and then show you some various images and the back stories on how they came to be. Images like the one on the left of Marcela. This is what we call a happy accident. It is the shot I was looking for, but before I could get the flash set up correctly for it I came in and the light was perfect…exactly as you see it here. It was from the sun glinting off of my car’s door handle. Boom! Happy accidents are amazing and like finding a $100 bill you didn’t know you had.

Enjoy the video, and take heart that we all have a creative side. Finding it and then counting on it each shoot is the only hard part.

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