Ellie1117 - IMGL1696-Edit.jpg
Ellie1117 - IMGL1721.jpg

Quick Edit of Ellie

I plan to have a dozen or so edits available for you to practice from. Here is another of the beautiful Ellie. Download the file and watch the video. Pause as needed and practice using the tools to do the edit.

Note, as with everything here, we are looking for you to cultivate and discover your own style. The goal here isn’t to make your image look like mine. If it looks totally different and you love it your way…PERFECT!!

Original RAW file

As always, this file is for practice, not for publishing.

The bottom picture is showing the lighting. The large rice bowl umbrella on the left has a grid on it. The smaller light in the back also had a grid. The rim light on her left side is from the small light in back and the lighter area on the background comes from the larger light with the grid. That is a WHITE background actually. Shows what grids can do.

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