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Frequency Separation made simple

The best part of fine art nudes, and the reason I love it, are the beautiful lines of the female form. And then there are the lines that aren’t what we want…like bikini lines? We will use this image and my version of Frequency Separation (I don’t like that term - sounds complicated) and turn this into a beautiful image, including the texture that is there, but without the lines. It’s a bit jaw dropping to see it work.

This uses the action set I created called Dave Kelley Artistics 3 where I have simplified the layer names and even included the tools to use for each. If you haven’t loaded them up yet download them with the image below and then right click on the action file and tell it to open in Photoshop and it will load them for you.


And remember, the image is not for distribution. Just for your practice.

Elley’s bottom

Dave Kelley Artistics 3 action

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