This week in the life…

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Happy Wednesday!!

Well, it’s been a busy week here in Chandler. Not shoots, but other summer chore related things. After 10 years of trying to remember to go out and turn on the drip system and then remember to turn it off again….this lazy old guy finally dropped some money on a new controller and a new valve system that is super easy to fix if/when a valve goes out. And, of course, I can control if from anywhere in the world on my phone. (okay, that’s probably the main reason I finally did it….to cool for a geek to pass up)

I had a few shoots this last week, and many of them were of a bit older ladies. There is a special beauty that comes with people who have lived a lot more life than the 20 somethings. The loves, heartbreaks, hard knocks, and not so hard knocks, all make us who we are, and you can’t get all that until you live some life. A certain wisdom in their eyes.

The new images are a bit more limited in number than usual. I’m learning some new techniques to mix into my editing. As I’m sure most of you have noticed, most of the skin in my finished art is super smooth. I used to hate that look, then I loved the look, still fond of it but nothing is fun after a while so it’s time to grown or change it up some. I’ve known about this process called Frequency Seperation but it just didn’t ‘click’ with me in the past. I took some time the other day to look at it again. As with many things that don’t seem to work for me the first time (or twelve) this was the case. I got it now. (face-palm!) But like any new skill or technique, it will take time to get really, really good at it. Meanwhile, you get to suffer the slings and arrows of my learning by seeing the images. I hope you see growth.

I’m helping a friend get into ham radio, and doing some Arduino and Raspberry Pi projects and doing some 3D printing too. Getting away from the art sometimes helps me come back and focus a different way.

Next Wednesday we will be on the road. Actually, the entire month of August will be off camping in our Aristream Basecamp along the Oregon and NorCal coast. I have a plan to have something ever Wednesday for you, even if I don’t have the internet connection I need. Uploading images takes a lot of bandwidth. So, enjoy and try to fix this heat thing before we get back…please?

New images…

The work created this week. As always, I thank the beautiful ladies and gents who trust me to create some good images of them.

And here is some of Ellie. I had a chance to work with her a couple times and we created some wonderful art. I hope you agree.

Until next week….

On to some art!!

And some art never before seem since I don’t post the ‘tawdry’ work on social media anymore.

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