This week in the life…

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So, here here you go. A new week and a new pile of edits. I’m still settling back into my everyday life here after such an amazing trip to the islands. Jet lag sucked the life out of me for a while. Since I crossed 8 time zones and they say it takes a day per time zone it was a rough week. That and all my dreams have trains in them now. Lots of trains. Love trains. Wish we had trains.

So, the before and after on the right is a session with the incomparable Elley and we played a little steampunk this time around. We will probably do that again. It was fun and we actually missed some things we wanted to shoot.

This image was also the fodder for a training session on my Educational website. If you are a photographer and want to get artistic, you should check it out. 7 day trial and everything. I’m told my teaching style is a bit like Bob Ross. “Let’s put some happy smoke around her shoes.” (grin)

Enjoy a safe July 4th. And remember, the best fireworks if from the guy with the eye patch and three fingers!

So, enough of my drivel. Here are some new images and then a set from a past shoot for you to enjoy! Thank you SO much for yours support. Tell a friend.

New images…

The work created this week. As always, I thank the beautiful ladies and gents who trust me to create some good images of them.

And some random favorites hand picked

All beautiful ladies indeed!

Until next week….

On to some art!!

And some art never before seem since I don’t post the ‘tawdry’ work on social media anymore.

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