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Hey everyone!

Masha-Michelle0419studio - DKAL7259-Edit-Edit.jpg
Masha-Michelle0419studio - DKAL7259-Edit.jpg

Probably the most interesting thing, to me, about the Wednesday Museletter is that it reminds me just how much I do in a week just with photography and editing. I’ve also created 4 new sessions for the training website this week. That and working out and spending as much time as Linda will allow by her side.

It’s been an interesting week with meeting new models and a few I don’t get to work with much. There will be a lot of new work just from the shoots from last week. Probably one of the biggest surprises came when I got a chance to shoot with Lisa again after over a year of her being a new grandmother. That makes one busy. I got to shoot and visit with her for 2 days in a row and I sure hope that continues. She’s such a lady and friend.

After getting the Canon R mirrorless camera, using its lighter weight as an excuse (for my UK/Ireland trip) I decided my aging MacBook Pro was pretty heavy too. Sooo, I picked up a brand new 13” MacBook Air with 16gigs of RAM and half a terabyte of solid state storage. It seems powerful enough to run my editing software and even video creation. We shall see because tomorrow Linda and I head to Bonita Creek for the week and I’m going to run it through the paces. Might get a chance to do some night imaging with the new camera too.

The featured ‘before and after’ image to the right came from a training session this week. It actually shows a break through technique I developed to help make someone look more like they belong in the background. I actually teach painting the backgrounds in around the subject. This allows some of the background to bleed over onto their skin whereby making them look like they have the light from the background reflecting on them. The new technique was to get things like the lines in the floor, sharp shapes, from leaving the lines or patterns, but blending their average colors and tones onto the skin smoothly. I’ve been trying to figure out a way for years. Finally. And it’s not very hard to learn.

On to some art!!

And some art never before seem since I don’t post the ‘tawdry’ work on social media anymore.

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Edits from this week.

As always, some of these images have made it to Facebook and Instagram…the tamer ones. But they look so much better not all compressed by algorithms. So, here is a mashup of the editing I did this week. I want to thank the ladies they came to muse for me. They gave me the idea for the new name for this publication. The MUSE LETTER!

And then there was michelle..

I remember the day Michelle and I got together for our first shoot. Something clicked and we ended up shooting for SEVEN hours! We were having SO much fun trying new things and just creating on the fly. I’ve shot with her many times over the years and she’s been a model in several classes. Since we shot last she’s become a mommy…twice. We just booked a day in a couple weeks to get together again and play. I’m SO looking forward to her visit to muse. Here are some of our past playdates. Enjoy (WARNING - as always, there are some scenes of ladies in their original outfits!)