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Happy Wednesday!!


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So, for the last week I was fighting for my life with my annual cold. Okay, maybe not fighting for my life. But if snot could kill, I’d be dead.

So, I added a second gallery, as I usually do when there isn’t enough new art to share from the last week. Actually, there are a few old ones in this week’s also, because I either redid them or they were submitted for some other reason so they bubbled to the top. If you are a real fan you’ll be able to tell the new from the old.

The image on the right is an old one but a new edit of it. Grainy and a bit cartoonish. I call it ‘Cups’. If you are a photographer, look close and you'll see a big boo boo. The funny thing is, it wasn’t actually used to make the picture. Oh, and Lance here grew up to be a pretty good photographer in his own right, and Alanna is a new mommy. It is so fun watching the people around me find their way and watch them grow and run with life.

I have two new projects that I’m working on this coming week. I’m about to launch a live 1on1 training system using so I can teach students from anywhere on this planet. Help keep so many people from flying in for training. That same system will allow me to do some live broadcasts of shoots in progress for some real time group education and some behind the scenes for others. Lots of options here so we’ll see where it leads us. it will certainly be used to enhance the training site.

The other project, closely connected, is being able to record video in a fairly professional manner. Today I received my wireless lapel mics and will be testing them out over the next few days. The one certain thing I’ll be doing is more ‘non-editing’ sessions for the training site. I think it already has like 70 20-30 minutes videos on editing. Time for more on lighting and behind the scenes instruction. Round out the training a bit more. And a new toy to play with…always good.

So there you have it. Enjoy the rest of your week! As always, please feel free to use the form below to give me feedback on how you liked, or didn’t like, this week’s Museletter. Thank you Bob for pointing out that this form has not actually BEEN on the Museletter like I thought it was. NOW it is. So, no excuse to not share with me what you liked, didn’t like, or what you’d like to see in future issues.

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New images…

Because I was sick, and we were at Bonita until a couple days ago, here are some new and old and some old made new. Enjoy!

And because I was sick most of last week, and didn’t get to edit like a mad dog as I usually do, here are just a FEW from my collection from Tayler and our years of shooting. Pssst, don’t tell anyone, but we might have some new shoots coming up.

Until next week….

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