Changing colors - with a brush!

Screenshot 2018-09-26 20.46.03.png

There is a way to chenge a whole item, like a dress, from blue to red as a mass change. That’s another feature in Photoshop we’ll cover later. This one is a brush, and it comes in very handy.

After you choose the Color Replacement Tool (brush) you then pick the color you’d like the brush to paint.

The example below shows a model’s hand with orangish finger nails. Everything else in the shoot was pink so they stood out pretty badly.

Now, the problem with just painting with a brush is that it doesn’t blend in the way light hits something like nails. You have a lighter area, darker area, as well as shiny spots from lights if it is a reflective polish.

This brush will pick up on the color you are wanting to replace as soon as you touch that color. In this example, as soon as the brush touched the oranges color it knew that was what needed to change to pink, my selected color. The edges still need to be watched because it’ll still paint all over. But, with a fair amount of ease I painted over her nails and changed them to pink.

Screenshot 2018-09-26 20.55.40.png
Screenshot 2018-09-26 20.55.53.png