aurora0319class - IMGL4708-Edit.jpg

Below is an example of taking a background and modifying it to fit my needs. I even used another version of the same image from a different angle and added it in. You can get over the top creative playing with images like this.

Brandon1015dania-BANE - IMG_0501-Edit-Edit-2.jpg


This is part 2. Make sure you do part 1 so you have a finished version to edit with.

In this session we will practice adding backgrounds. But we will also talk about where to find them, taking our own, and then changing what we do have to make them work for whatever mood or look we want to achieve.

I have taken many of my own…even while sitting in the dentists office as you will see.

I’ve included the original image of Aurora but you should edit her either on your own or following along in part 1.

I also included some backgrounds to start or add to your collection.


And remember, the image is not for distribution. Just for your practice.

Aurora and her wine

Background collection

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