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In this session I’m going to ramble a bit about creativity. I’ll try to convey where my head is when I’m shooting.

Everyone finds their own way to be creative. A LOT of what I come up with seems to pop into my mind when I’m taking a shower. I know, strange. And sometimes I’m in a more creative mood than other times.

The real key is to find your own way to climb out of your box and do something unique. This is a skill like lighting, editing, and directing. But it’s not one where anyone can give you a step-by-step guide to get there.

Sometimes the ideas don’t work. In the beginning they fail more often than they work, but like everything else you get good at, that flips around and then it becomes rare that you don’t see it all working in your mind. And then it does.

Hope the video gives you some things to consider.

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