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Frequency Separation

In this session we will dive into the strange world of FS. I tried using FS several times over the past years and something just didn’t click with me. I tend to work well with things I understand the theory behind and for some reason it never really clicked. Maybe I just wasn’t looking forward to taking so much longer to edit an image. Because, frankly, it’s actually a pretty simple process. Time consuming but worth it.

Presenting this to you as I’m learning to fine tune it is perfect timing, because the light that came on for me is still glowing brightly and I can share how it works from a new point of view.

The hard part of anything like this, and I mention it in just about every video. It takes practice to get good at it. It’s a skill, not a paint by numbers. Knowing how is really important. Then spending 100 hours perfecting it is just as important.

So, check it out. Use the image provided or one of your own, it really won’t matter. Frankly, this one of Kenzie is pretty clean to start with, but you’ll still get a good feel for what’s going on.

The action below includes every action I’d given out as well as FS. You’ll need it to complete this session. Download it and then, from the actions box in Photoshop, select load actions and it’ll show up as available to you.


And remember, the image is not for distribution. Just for your practice.


Action set that includes FS

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