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Changing colors and light

In this session we will take Ariana’s beautiful full black hair and turn her into a redhead. And it’s going to be easy and fun. Once you play with this technique and learn the basics, have some fun and give her some streaks of other colors in her hair too.

Another technique we cover is around the lips and eyes. We’ll use Dodge and Burn and add accents to bring them out a LOT using some simple light. And we’ll use the burn to add more shape to the body. The key thing to grasp here is that we have control of the lighting even after the lights are dark and cooling off in the studio.

Take some time and look at how artists have painted light on a picture. They had to totally image it from scratch and put it on the canvas. We have a bit of an advantage in that we have the image, BUT, we can use their techniques to ‘paint’ in more light. Even a little overboard works fine. Remember, you know what you did to the image, others won’t so if it seems a little to bright or dark in your changes, they won’t know it wasn’t simply lit that way.


And remember, the image is not for distribution. Just for your practice.

Ariana Red Head dng

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