Ariana0119huntington - IMGL8638-Edit.jpg

From the dark side

(And editing out a back tattoo)

In this session we Will, once again, do the normal editing to make the model look amazing. But we’ll do some other things.

  • we won’t use any filters - no Imaginomic Portraiture this time

  • we will remove the tattoo on her back

  • we’ll use the shadow tool in Lightroom to bring this picture from the rejects.

As always, the goal is for you to practice with the tools and get good at them from repetition. BUT, doing it your way. Finding or polishing your own style. Don’t try to look like mine. Season your work the way YOU would like to see it.

Editing Ariana is always a joy…so have fun!


And remember, the image is not for distribution. Just for your practice.

Ariana in HB

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