ElleyR0619studio - DKAL3183-Edit-2.jpg

Let’s get creative

In this session we will do pretty much everything you do to an image like this. We will change her up a bit, soften the skin and change the light on her. We’ll do a lot of dodge and burn. We’ll even do some things and then change our mind! It happens.

A few new techniques here, like taking a smaller image from the original and making it the main image and then, of course, adding a background.

Speaking of backgrounds, this one was taken on my trip to England. It’s a church inside the walls of a castle in Dover, England and taken with my iPhone 7. Always be on the lookout for something that looks cool and useable and use that phone and bring it home to add to your stock.


And remember, the image is not for distribution. Just for your practice.

Elley in Steam Punk garb

Church background

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