Katrina1118studio - IMGL4788-Edit.jpg

Full edit of Katrina

Here’s another full edit of an image with running dialog on how I go about it. Again, it’s not important that you edit one to look like my style. We are searching for YOUR style.

I’ve provided below, a TIF version of the original image as well as the background stock image I used. Feel free to watch the video and start and stop it as needed as you try each of the tools and techniques.

I point out in every session that learning the feel for these tools takes time, so don’t get frustrated. Progress happens the more times you edit images, take pictures, and light things up.

Remember, these images are all copyright and just for you to practice on. Do not post them on social media.

Katrina TIF

Bedroom background.

Dodge and Burn action for Photoshop

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