Lillianna1218 - IMGL2442-Edit-Edit.jpg

Lilliana Steampunk

In this edit we talk about the light and how we got this look in the first place. We add a brownish haze background as well as make the goggles and gun stand out and look more metalic.

Of course, the use of the mixer brush, roofing up her hair with liquify, and adding the smoke for the ray gun.

I’ve included the original RAW file so you can practice on the same image as the video. Remember, it’s important to build your own style, so don’t concentrate on making your version look like mine. That’s not important….you need to make it look like YOUR version, one you will love. You might like my version but you’l love your version when you apply your own style.

Sample image to download

Dodge and Burn action

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