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Classic woman on a box

In this session we’ll do some very basic art with a woman on a box. Learning to enhance light makes this work well. Really painting with Dodge a lot in this one to give us what we want. I’m thinking the lesson to learn is to not worry much about over doing it. It will likely look just fine if you enhance the light that is reflected on her.

I also talk about a podcast I enjoy called “Hidden Brain”. It’s an NPR presentation and I learn something new in every episode. And since art is mostly brain related I find it facinating.

So, download the TIF of Alanna here and have fun making your own style work with her. Play with some B&W versions too for the fun of it. You can just go into the BASIC controls in Lightroom and reduce the saturation control to the far left.


And remember, the image is not for distribution. Just for your practice.

Alanna TIF

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