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Full edit video

The video below is almost a half hour long. It going in detail from beginning to finished product. Feel free to download the RAW image I have provided of this and follow along and practice each thing I do in the video. I am NOT trying to teach you to have a style like mine. I just want you to get a feel for the tools and process. Don’t try to make it like mine. The goal is for you to season it the way your mind’s eye sees it as the most pleasing and beautiful.

The first step is actually done. The lighting. Lighting is a large part of any style. You’ll find certain lighting schemes that you will love. And then you’ll fall out of love with that one and do something completely different. For example, I’ve been doing very dark work for the most part for the last few years. Recently I’ve started playing with totally blown out white backgrounds and the images are bright and beautiful. It’s always great to stretch. And each technique you love, or even fall out of love with, becomes an influence in the next, and the next. Each will build a little more confidence and everything starts flowing naturally from the first shot to the finished images.

This image was lit up with two tall, narrow, gridded strip boxes. One to her right that is closer to the front and one to her rear left to light up her hair and side a bit.

Download the image and play all you want. If you want to send me a copy of what you created I would be delighted to see it. BUT, remember, your photography/art can not be created to other’s taste, only yours. So don’t try to make something I’ll love. Make something you’ll love.

Note: I use Canon so my RAW file is in the CRC format. Lightroom and Photoshop should still work with them even if you use a different brand.

Sample to download (RAW)

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