This week in the life…

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Happy Wednesday!!

Sure has been hot.

So, this is a fairly quiet week. We spent all last week up at Bonita Creek with our younger grandson. A little equal time since I took his brother to the British Isles last month. Keeping a 13 year old entertained isn’t easy. I think it was easier when I was 13 and my Mom just shooed be out of the house until the street lights came on.

There is a group on Facebook I like to post in called Art of the Portrait.  It has almost 30K members.  The image on the right went fairly viral and hit 1,900 likes so far and over 100 comments.  I think that’s a record for me in likes and views on FB.  Fun.

Now, remember, I have a Master’s degree in “Show and Tell”.  I minored in playing with small minds. (not children)  So I tend to have fun when people attack my style.  And boy did they on this image.  Calling it a cartoon and plastic and told me to just stop posting.  Yep, the typical social media trolls.  Here comes the small minds part.  What they don’t know is, I know why they jump on people and criticize people and their work.  Mostly because they have cats on their feed and their camera is also their phone.  They are easy to spot.

And they love it when you act hurt or come back at them with…well…anything.  So, I thank them for their opinion and like their comment.  OMG, they hate that!! Makes me smile.  And if they are actually a photographer and have some nice work on their feed, I’ll congratulate them on having some nice work out there.  That really fries their eggs.

They do this to make themselves feel better.  That’s pretty sad, but putting others down to make one feel better is fairly common in the world of the anonymous social media.

I understand all of that and it doesn’t bother me.  Their words fall on deaf ears here.  It bothers me when I see them attacking new photographers.  But the ones that bother me most are the ones that claim they don’t like something so it’s just wrong….fix it!  They really don’t like how I ‘over edit’ my images.  So, of course, I’ll have to post more of them.

So endith the rare but needed rant for this week.

I hope y’all had a great weekend and can stay cool for the next few months.  We are planning to head to Oregon and California for the month of August in our little Airstream again this year.  This time without me having a painful rib out of joint.  Should be much more fun. I’ll try to have a Museletter out each of the Wednesdays but our internet connection is far more limited in camp grounds. Most say they have free wifi, and they do. And sometimes it’s connected to the Internet. ;)

Enjoy life!! It seems long, it’s not. Nike is right…Just do it!

New images…

The work created this week. As always, I thank the beautiful ladies and gents who trust me to create some good images of them.

And here is a blast of images from the past. It’s nice to have so many built up to share. And the older I get, the more you’ll see the same ones over and over. For the first time. (grin)

Until next week….

On to some art!!

And some art never before seem since I don’t post the ‘tawdry’ work on social media anymore.

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