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This week in the life…

Aurora0519cosplay-studio - DKAL0089-Edit.jpg

Another amazing week has passed. As many images as I edited the last week, there are probably 50 more that need my time to get to them just in the three shoots I did..

We were invited to an amazing home to shoot. That would be the bath tub images, but that would have been an easy guess. I want to thank Chelsea for that opportunity and I hope we can do that again. I love locations…especially unique ones like that was.

And Aurora came to me for her annual images for the Come-on, or Fanfest, or whatever they want to call it. I’m always honored that she comes to me. And I’m always impressed with what she brings to the table.

She gave me the opportunity to learn how to make her brown hair white/blonde for her GOT image. And you’ll have to admit her Sam made a wonderful Snow. I have yet to watch GOT but in a couple weeks I’ll be wandering around in Ireland where most of it was filmed.

Then I had the opportunity to play with Michelle in my studio again. (She’s been doing some creative work herself…two beautiful kiddos.) Back to our creative selves. We talked about the first time we shot. It went on for 7 hours until we were both exhausted. We just kept thinking of new things to create until we dropped. This time was over 2 hours, might have been 3 but I think we got our groove back. I hope we get to shoot many times in the future. We both have so much fun.

And yesterday I got a second chance to work with Rae Rae and do some more of the nude art I so love. She’s a natural.

The day before that I had Griffin to play art with. First time for us and I hope we get to work again.

All of the models I get to work with are wonderful people and I count myself as lucky to have the chance every day.

On the right is a bit of play with adding a background. Aurora wasn’t impressed but I kept it and let her do her own thing. She did a pretty amazing job adding her own. She’s selling her work as prints so you’ll have to follow her to see what she’s done.

PLEASE NOTE! There may be a few weeks coming up that there won’t be a Museletter…probably. Heading out of country and I don’t know what my time or internet connection will be like. And it’s not like I can do this at a Star Bucks. ;) If I can, I will. I hope to at least spend some quiet time editing, but then again, I’m there to meet people and explore. Who knows, I might find some model like locals who want to do a quick shoot here and there.

Edits from this week.

I’m usually shocked at how many images I end up editing in a week. Some of these are from older shoots, but new edits. So much wonderful art is just waiting to be discovered on my drives. In any case, here are the young ladies of the forest here to entertain with their beauty.

Ariana and carmen bay - summer she’s a com’n

To bring in summer I thought I’d bring you a shoot from a few years ago at Bonita Creek NE of Payson. The amazing Ariana and Carmen Bay came to play. We found some great spots along the creek. Since then we’ve had a couple flash floods that wipped out the cool grassy areas. The water fall is still there. Anyhow, enjoy!

Until next week….

On to some art!!

And some art never before seem since I don’t post the ‘tawdry’ work on social media anymore.

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