This week in the life…

This week I’m creating the Museletter while sitting in a wonderful B&B in Woking, England. Yesterday my grandson and I walked 16 minus in the country, today we visited the tall ships in Portsmouth. Tomorrow we’ll be visiting Stonehenge. We’ve fallen in love with the train and Underground. I haven’t rented a can (or ‘let’ a car). ME driving a stick shift on the wrong side of the road would, indeed, kill someone. So my gift to England and Ireland is my month long train passes.

So, since I haven’t been editing any images, here are some past work with Tayler to at least keep the Wednesday Museletter on track.


Tayler as only tayler can be

Over several years I’ve had the pleasure of working with Tayler. Here are just a few from our past work for your viewing enjoyment.

Until next week….

On to some art!!

And some art never before seem since I don’t post the ‘tawdry’ work on social media anymore.

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